Find your mission, however humble

Sequel to Waiting for Payday

Our loner ventures beyond his immediate surroundings to explore the world. Ever the secretive one, Lewis loosens up and drops his guard when he decides to tell his colleagues that he wants to travel. He wants more from life but on his maiden voyage, not everything works out as planned. As always, there is a happy ending.

Find your mission, however humble

Iam overwhelmed

So the reason you haven’t seen any posts from me lately is because I’ve decided to take my mission of writing seriously. I’ve spent as much of my waking hours as possible, promoting my book Waiting for Payday on Facebook and I’ve been completely overwhelmed at the response from countries where English is not the first language.

Waiting for Payday being my first book, I have come to call it book 1, which I’ve been working on for the last ten years, having written and re-written it so many times. I’ve deleted large sections because it didn’t fit and now I wish I hadn’t because they were channelled and one can never write the same twice.

The first year I only sold one hard copy then got discouraged and simply put it aside in favour of focusing on jobs I had very little interest in but it paid the rent and put food on the table. I guess this is how it goes for many of us. We sacrifice a dream just to survive because a pay check at the end of the month feels better than a promise of good money at some uncertain future date.

I’ve enjoyed writing so much that I rewrote four of my other books and now I have five books listed on in both Kindle and print formats. I feel like I am finally growing up.

Previously, I was just too embarrassed by my writing, convinced that everyone is a better writer than I am, but since two of my seniors insisted that I am a darn good writer, I’ve become a different person. Now I just write for the simple joy and I aim to get all my work published.

The dream is to write full-time, buy a modest house in a good suburb, below the mountain where the streets are wide and tree-lined and neighbours mind their own business. There should be a selection of open spaces to walk my dog and ideally, I would be able to adopt two more dogs and maybe a cat or two. I see a spacious green backyard with a large pool, surrounded by great old trees that provide ample shade in summer.

My current situation is very different. I sleep on a couch in my sister’s house where dogs are not allowed inside. So my poor fox terrier sleeps alone in the garage. My back is taking strain and often I only sleep for two or three hours a night then sit up and promote my work on FaceBook. Maybe not such a bad thing. As I recall, JK Rowling also slept on a couch in her sister’s house, so I am optimistic.

My car, though very reliable, is eighteen years’ old and takes me faithfully all the way around the mountain to work, in an hour’s drive each morning and the home in the evening. To avoid getting stuck in traffic, I have to leave before sunrise, arriving an hour early each day. Luckily, I work close to the beach, so I park at the beach and meditate watching the waves until the sun comes up. Regulars include dog walkers, a trio practicing Tai Chi, fishing boats going out or coming in, cleaning staff who start very early and of course, the ever present, but harmless homeless people who wonder along the beach aimlessly.

Life is not so bad after all. Sometimes, I stop for cappuccino at the filling station along with traffic police, security staff and other early risers.

Every day in every way life continues to improve. Today, I was able to fix a few things on the car such as an indicator light, registration plate light and the handle of the driver’s side door. It felt good and oh, I could fill my tank for the week.

Life is just dandy.

Find your mission, however humble

Finding my mission

For some, our earth mission can take us down so many diverse paths until eventually we find our true calling. For so many years, I’ve been writing with the occasional article or short story getting published.

About ten years’ ago, I went into meditation, asking the question, ‘what am I supposed to do?’ I had been out of work for a few months getting temporary work here and there for a few days, sometimes when I was lucky, up to two weeks but nothing substantial seemed to manifest.

A very clear answer came to me. Write.

So, each night I would sit at my computer and just write what felt like channelled messages but on submission to publishers, was rejected. I would get up in the middle of the night, inspired and aroused with energy and wrote. I would get again at four am and write some more. I wrote at every waking opportunity and wrote and wrote but sold nothing.

Publishers had all kinds of excuses for why they couldn’t publish my work. Then there were those who very enthusiastically, said they would publish if I paid exorbitant sums of money. After not being able to pay the rent, starving both myself and my cat, fortunately, I could not pay these guys or I guess, I would have been in a much worse situation.

I returned to formal employment, going from one job to the other. Nothing would last until eventually, I went into selling advertising space. The closest thing to not being published is working for a publisher.  I spent two very unpleasant years with one media company then joined a brand new magazine and spent two years there.

It wasn’t all bad, except I started with no salary, just pure commission based on sales. The first three months was exceptionally challenging, selling a new title in an already saturated print market when everyone had already decided that print was dead and digital media was king.

I was walking to work instead of going by bus. I was eating two minute noodles instead of the fresh fruit and vegetables I so longed for until the sales came in. My hard work started paying off. I was paid a basic salary and enjoyed four increases over the two years and also started a digital sales division. However, the basic salary was still not meeting my needs and I needed something more satisfying.

So when I visited a friend who was doing better than I was, I enquired as to whether there were any vacancies. She rattled off the email address, not for once thinking that I was being serious. In fact, I wasn’t. I was in no mood for change. I wanted to assist another friend of mine who’d fallen on hard times. However, when they rejected her application, I decided to submit an application. Within half an hour, the company responded, asking how soon I could come over to see them for an interview.

Not wanting to rush into something new, I went to see them at the end of the week. When I returned to the office and checked my private email, there was an offer waiting for me! It was like winning the jackpot.

I was placed in sales though I was raw with disappointment and rejection. Six weeks into training, I was told that they needed me in sales and that I should start the very next week. It was exciting. New colleagues, new equipment, best of all it was not the hard, driven sales I was so used to. I could crack this and I did, except, one year later, I began to feel disillusioned and my performance dropped.

I felt that I was being dishonest with myself. In a moment of introspection, I heard myself saying, ‘I really should be writing for a living.’ That’s when the universe mobilised all forces.

I was called in and a list of errors was brought to my attention. Errors I’d committed but was never brought to my attention or rectified. Some were quite spurious but someone’s head was on the chopping block and I needed to be accountable.

At first, I was feeling hard done by but when I was told that they needed someone to do editing for the company, I was very surprised. My manager had taken note of my love for writing and told the director about it. I was called in and told a new vacancy had come up for which they needed my skills.

At first I perceived this from victim mode but once I changed my perception, I saw the opportunity. Someone is finally going to pay me for doing something I really love.

Yip! So the Law of attraction sometimes works fast and sometimes very slowly, but ultimately, it does work.  

Find your mission, however humble

This is so amazing. I have to share it with everyone

This man had the courage to call the CEO of the company with an idea.

I think it’s better if you watch the video for the amazing insights.

Find your mission, however humble

Print books vs Digital

Detroit’s Mark Twain Library, which was closed in 1996 for renovations and never reopened.

Just wondering how many people love printed books as much as I do. I cannot resist feeding both my love for books and need to support a charity by buying a load of books which I sometimes return to be resold.

I do occasionally download e-books but there is nothing like the smell of a printed book, especially if it’s an old yellow-paged copy that smells of history; passed down from hand to hand, shared for its its interesting topic or style of writing. For those old enough to remember, the smell of ink has changed and the glue used for binding no longer smells as strong.

But when the lights go out in winter, as it often does in certain parts of the world, you can always rely on your e-device (if you remembered to charge it, that is!). Yes, the digital age is fun but libraries around the world are stuck with millions of unread books, I wish I could get my hands on.

I don’t know when last I saw an embossed cover with fancy inlays. No-one invests that much in printing anymore since digital books emerged. Digital is useful especially when reading in bed in the dark but my eyes have become damaged by computer screens over the last thirty years. I was one of few people who became excited about digital books. It just seemed so easy and quick to access good reading material but I quickly realised its limitations. You cannot pass on a book in the same way, at the same time, making a new friend. You can’t leave your e-reader in the train, hoping someone would read and enjoy your favourite stories. You also can’t wet your finger by licking it lightly when turning a page. You also can’t highlight memorable passages for easy access later.

Find your mission, however humble

Tags and Keywords

Goodness gracious. I only recently discovered that there is more to tag words than I realized. A site called Jaxxy – see – can assist you with adding the best tag words to your blog, website or online work to get the best attention.

While previously, I simply added random tag words, I now know that certain tag words will drive more traffic in terms of statistical analysis. I guess the worldwide web has come of age, or perhaps I am just lagging a bit behind. The internet is influencing and changing the way we communicate, perceive and do business, why not get a little help if it’s available. There are so many tools available if one is just willing to search.

The more I find these tools, the less isolated I feel in my attempts to write and get my message out to the global community. I don’t know how others feel, so I’d like to get some feedback.

Find your mission, however humble

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I’ve been listening & watching lots of motivational stuff on YouTube lately and it’s an eye-opener to note that just about everyone who eventually became a millionaire and later a billionaire, all started with less than nothing. Most borrowed money for their first ventures, failed miserably, got out of debt and started again and again until they learnt how to make money and keep the money flowing in instead of out.

Too often we think of people with money as criminals, doing shady deals, pandering to corrupt government officials while the reality is the complete opposite. Many, in fact most, worked incredibly long hours sacrificing home and life to get what they want.

They all seem to have one thing in common. They believe in a mission. Something that drives them to get up at four am, perform a morning ritual and get working at something that means something to them. something they believe in so deeply, nothing can persuade them otherwise otherwise.

Neuroscientists will tell you that you that if you persist in a certain behaviour, you can rewire the brain. This means that we are capable of recreating ourselves completely if we consistently repeat a new, learned behaviour.

Initially, this may be challenging and you may fall back into your old habits sometimes, but if you keep practicing the new behaviour, just like you would playing a piano, you can rewire your brain to drive new behaviour.

Just think about this. You can create a new you just by practicing new thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviour. You can actually think yourself into acquiring anything and becoming anything. It would then go without saying that we create our own personalities.

How does this happen? Thought has frequency. Thought coupled with feelings increases frequency. Thought, feelings and attitude, can amplify frequency. After all, we are just energy. All is energy and we are capable of influencing the energy of the universe.

Find your mission, however humble

Not affected…

I’m sitting rather awkwardly on the couch, thinking of something interesting to write to regale the readers with when I decide, oh, what the heck, just write. Don’t be so serious. Don’t try so hard. Some may like it, others may not. At the end of the day, I have an obligation to keep my blog going.

I’m also eating lollipops, or suckers as people in other countries might call it. Wonderfully, chewy, strawberry-flavoured ones and I’m down to my last three.

Earlier my sister was ranting about the house being hers and accused me of trying to take over. Not making sense I thought, so I just carried on doing what I was supposed to – fed the dog, ate supper, switched the television channel and she fell silent.

I had driven home from work. It took me an hour on a winding, wooded mountain road and my dog was worried that she may never see me again. She wagged her tail as she stood at the gate elated, waiting for me to park the car, when I called her over. She jumped into the car and proceeded to lick my face while I tried my best to manouvre the vehicle into its tiny space.

I arrived in a buoyant mood having been rewarded with a Thai massage by my Team Leader for meeting my sales target. I am proud to say, I am still feeling good and completely unaffected by my sister’s insecurity about the house. A year ago, I would have cried, felt hurt and demeaned.

I’ve just finished the last lollipop still feeling good and staring at the pile of wrappers and sticks on the armrest of the couch. Something has changed. I am no longer threatened by mean people who believe that I am not worth their time because I don’t own my own house. I am not even affected by my own thoughts of not owning a house. What I am affected by is the bag of lollipops I just ate, fearing I might get toothache in the middle of the night. or that I l might not be able to sleep tonight because of the sugar overload.

What I am also affected by is this damn keyboard on this bloody Chinese laptop that has a mind of its own and won’t allow me to type as fast as I’d like to. While I type it just goes where it pleases, leaving me to look for the cursor and when I finally find it, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to type.

So damn inconvenient. Now I’m just too frustrated to continue.

Find your mission, however humble

Iam overwhelmed


So the reason you haven’t seen any posts from me lately is because I’ve decided to take my mission of writing seriously. I’ve spent as much of my waking hours as possible, promoting my book Waiting for Payday on Facebook and I’ve been completely overwhelmed at the response from countries where English is not the first language.

Waiting for Payday being my first book, I have come to call it book 1, which I’ve been working on for the last ten years, having written and re-written it so many times. I’ve deleted large sections because it didn’t fit and now I wish I hadn’t because they were channelled and one can never write the same twice.

The first year I only sold one hard copy then got discouraged and simply put it aside in favour of focusing on jobs I had very little interest in but it paid the rent…

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